Click COM Port and make settings before to link a device. Current settings are shown in the STATUS BAR, the same window opens also clicking com settings into the STATUS BAR:

Select the COM Port to be used from the list.

Install specific Virtual Com Port drivers when using an USB to RS232 adapter.

The list includes only com ports available when the program is started:

Select the interface options.

When the device is linked through TraxBus via interface adapter, select the device BAUD RATE:

- 4800
- 9600
- 19200
- 38400
- 57600 (may not work through TraxBus)

- 115200 (may not work through TraxBus)

When the device is linked through INFRARED adapter:


When the device is linked through the Service Port available on TraxInterface4:


Set the identifier of the unit to be linked by means of 2 drop down selectors ZONE (SEGMENT) and UNIT (NODE).

Factory default address is 00.

You may cancel:

or confirm the operation:

Click Password to enter the password to be used for linked devices.

Only UNPROTECTED parameters will be transferred to device when the password is missing or wrong.

Password to modify all parameters is disclosed on request.

Enter the password for your device, if you have one.

You may cancel

or confirm the operation:

If you have full access to your device you can change the password, providing the current one and the new one (to be entered twice for confirmation).

This operation is not allowed through INFRARED interface.

You may cancel:

You can confirm the operation only if both password matches:

Click Languages to make your preference:

- English
- French
- German
- Italian
- Spanish

Once you made the selection the program restart and your preference is saved.